Registration for Science Olympiad

A school may enter only one team consisting of 15 students in a regional tournament.

State policy prohibits any school from having multiple teams compete in a regional tournament.

Division B teams cannot include more than five (5) ninth-grade students. 
Division C teams cannot exceed more than seven (7) twelfth-grade students.

  • Questions? Contact State Director Roger Demos at  .

How To Register

  • Complete the Science Olympiad Registration Form
  • Expect to receive a confirmation email and payment voucher within 3 school days of registering.
  • Follow instructions on payment voucher to either use PayPal or mail in your voucher with a check for the registration fee.
  • School districts entering multiple teams from multiple schools must register each school individually. However, multiple registration fees may be issued in one check.
  • Additional teams from the same school may register for invitational tournaments only. Only one team for a school may compete at regional, state and national tournaments. To register additional teams for an invitational tournament, email for a payment voucher.

Registration fees defrays costs (manuals, medals, trophies, event materials) and entitles a school to:

  • membership in National Science Olympiad
  • the Science Olympiad Coaches’ Manual with rules
  • eligibility to participate at the first level of competition (the Regional Tournament)
  • advancement to the State and National Tournament if qualified

Registration & Fee Policy
Teams will not be permitted to compete at either invitational or regional competitions until the registration fee is received and processed.

Regional and State Registration Policy:

  • The registration fee for each returning team is $225. This includes both national and state fees. An additional fee of $150 will be charged to teams competing in the state tournament that do not provide an event supervisor or judge.
  • If a team is new, meaning a school has not registered in the last five years, the registration fee is $200. This includes both national and state fees.  Here is our W-9 form to submit to your business office when requesting payment of the registration fee.​  W-9 PA SciOly.PDF
  • Regular registration closes on Friday, 12/15/17. If there is room in their region to accommodate additional teams, late registration will be accepted until Jan. 31 with an additional fee of $55 (total $280).
  • No registrations will be accepted after January 31.
  • A team is not registered until the coach has entered all the required fields on the state registration site and the registration fee has been received at the state office.
  • If the registration fee has not been received by January 31, the team will not be permitted to compete at the regional or state tournaments.

Invitational Registration Policy:

  • In order to participate in an invitational tournament all school teams must be registered with the state office and have paid their registration fee(s) in full prior to the invitational.
  • If a school takes a second or third team to an invitational tournament, each additional team must first be a registered member of the state and national Science Olympiad program.
  • The registration fee for each additional team is $60. This covers the national registration fee which is currently $60, but is subject to change.