Supervisors Needed

Posted: 11/20/17

We are still looking for a state supervisors for B Division Towers and C Division Experimental Design. If you are interested please contact Dave Moyer at

Coaches Clinic Materials

Posted: 11/13/17

Clinic materials may only be accessed by individuals that paid and attended the clinic. No one else should be trying to access them or requesting access to them.

Herpetology List

Posted: 11/02/17

Pennsylvania Science Olympiad will use the National Herpetology list for all regional and state competitions.

Tentative State Schedule

Posted: 10/31/17

The tentative 2018 State Schedule is available under the States link in the Tournaments menu.

State Event Supervisors

Posted: 10/19/17

Please put on your thinking caps. We are still in need of State Event Supervisors for the events listed below. If you are not personally able, perhaps you know someone (a fellow coach? a Science Olympiad alumni? a retired teacher that misses Science Olympiad?) that might be interested. Keep in mind, you could be a B Division State Event Supervisor even if you are a C Division coach (and vice versa).

See a description of the position and the Current State Event Supervisor List under the Supervisors tab at

Battery Buggy (B Division)
Experimental Design (C Division)
Towers (B Division)

State Event Supervisors

Posted: 9/26/17

Please put on your thinking caps. We are still in need of State Event Supervisors for the events listed below. If you are not personally able, perhaps you know someone (a fellow coach? a Science Olympiad alumni? a retired teacher that misses Science Olympiad?) that might be interested. Keep in mind, you could be a B Division State Event Supervisor even if you are a C Division coach (and vice versa).

See a description of the position and the Current State Event Supervisor List under the Supervisors tab at

If you or anyone you know has an interest, please contact State Co-director Dave Moyer at to discuss. Dave will share the event's presentation from the national Science Olympiad Summer Institute to help prepare the volunteer for the PASO Coaches Clinic.

Battery Buggy (B Division)
Disease Detectives (B Division)
Experimental Design (C Division)
Mystery Architecture (B Division)
Optics (B Division)
Potions and Poisons (B Division)
Solar System (B Division)
Thermodynamics (C Division)

Coaches Clinic

Posted: 9/18/17

Don't forget to register for the Coaches Clinic by Clicking Here

Regional and State Dates Announced

Posted: 7/14/17

The dates of the regional and state competition have now been posted on the regionals page

Mission Possible Training at Coaches Clinic

Posted: 7/7/17

Please send an email to Dave Moyer at if you would be interested in attending a 90 minute building session for Mission Possible added to the end of this year's coaches clinic on 10/28/17 (so roughly run from 3:30-5:00). The National Event Supervisor for Mission Possible has offered to run the session but we need to gauge interest before confirming with him.

New Garnet Valley SO Invitational (B-Division)

Posted: 6/2/17

The Garnet Valley Science Olympiad invitational for B-division teams will be held on Saturday, January 27th, 2018 (snow date Sunday, January 28th) at Garnet Valley Middle School (601 Smithbridge Road, Glen Mills, PA 19342). GVMS is located 20 minutes from Rustin and 15 minutes from Wilmington, DE.

Dave Drummer, an expert on model airplanes, will be holding a free Wright Stuff clinic for students and coaches at the invitational.

The cost is $100 for your first team and $80 for an additional team from your school. You will be required to supervise or judge an event, and will receive tests, keys and scores in return. We anticipate taking ~40 teams.

For more information please contact Carolyn Kunze:

Division B Invitationals Wanted!!

Posted: 5/22/17

We would like to have a few more B division invitational tournaments for next year. Dave Moyer is willing to help you organize a tournament. This is a good fundraiser, if you have parent support for the food sale. You also need support from your school administration. Contact Dave at if you are interested. You may also call him at 610-751-1500.

2017 Coaches Clinic Registration

Posted: 5/10/17

Check out the 2017 Coaches Clinic Registration under the Registration Menu. The coaches clinic will be October 28, 2017 in State College.

Learn more by Clicking Here

Some 2018 Invitationals Announced

Posted: 5/10/17

Check out the Invitationals page under the Tournaments Menu to see which invitationals are posted.

State Results Posted

Posted: 5/3/17

The results of the Pennsylvania State Tournament have been posted. Congratulations to Harriton High School, Bayard Rustin High School, Springhouse Middle School, and Shady Side Academy on earning bids to the National Tournament.


B Scores 2017
C Scores 2017

State Tournament Schedule Update

Posted: 4/25/17
  • Please go to Juniata Science Olympiad to see the schedules that have been updated with the competition room numbers for the Pennsylvania Science Olympiad State Tournament.

PA State Rules Clarifications

Posted: 4/25/17

Crime Busters

  • Safety requirements as per the Crime Busters event description will be strictly enforced. it is each team's responsibility to provide the necessary goggles, apron, lab coats, etc.

Food Science

  • Food Science teams should not bring matches or lighters for the calorimetry lab. They will be provided by the event supervisor.

PA State Rules Clarifications

Posted: 4/18/17

Mission Possible

  • A ball or object that is the output of one machine may be used to initiate the next machine. A ball or object that initiates a machine may NOT be used to initiate another machine.
  • In order for a screw to count as a machine it must transfer energy to (move) another object that continues the process. If the screw just releases another object it is not transferring energy to it and thus is not acting as a machine.

Rocks and Minerals

  • Anthracite coal is a METAMORPHIC rock.

Event Sign Ups and Trial Events Announced

Posted: 4/15/17

There is a group that has volunteered to run the trial events this year at the state tournament.  Yeah!  There will be 3 B Division events and 2 C Division events, namely:

B Division:  Bag of Bones; Code Busters; and We've Got Your Number

C Division: Bag of Bones; and Code Busters

Should there be any unforeseen changes to the rules, the most up to date rules will be on the Juniata website:

In previous years schools have been allowed to sign up multiple groups of students to compete in the trial events.  This year there are not as many opportunities to compete, so we are limiting B Division schools to signing up a maximum of two groups of students per event and limiting C Division schools to just one group per event.  This is stated on each of the electronic sign ups.

The electronic sign ups open this coming Monday, 4/17, at 4 pm.

They are the same electronic sign ups as the state tournament events.
Make sure to choose the correct division. (grades 6-9) (grades 9-12)

CE Regional Tournament Postponed

Posted: 3/15/17

Central East Regional Science Olympiad Tournament at Kutztown University is postponed until Friday, 3/17.

Hovercraft and Helicopters Information

Posted: 3/14/17

State Director, Roger Demos, has clarified: For Helicopters, the statement "-no parts of the helicopter can be 3D printed" is incorrect.

State Event Supervisor for Hovercraft, Dave Moyer wants to make sure all coaches are aware of the following policy: Propellers must be shielded on all sides, including the bottom of the hovercraft if the bottom is not covered by a bag or some material that catches air. We have had many hovercrafts not allowed to run due to shielding violations.

State Event Supervisors

Posted: 2/2/17

The current list of State Supervisors can be found by Clicking here

PASO Coaches Clinic - Saturday, 10/28/2017

Posted: 1/24/17

The PASO coaches clinic will be held on Saturday, October 28, in State College, PA.

More information will follow.

Clinic Location: Mount Nittany Middle School
656 Brandywine Drive
State College, PA 16801

Please direct questions about the event to Dave Moyer at DMoyer@PASciOly.orgor 610.751.1500.

Schedules for PA State Tournament

Posted: 12/18/16

Here are the preliminary schedules (are subject to change) for the Pennsylvania Science Olympiad State Tournament to be held at Juanita College on Saturday, April 29th.

B Division PA State Tournament Preliminary Schedule

C Division PA State Tournament Preliminary Schedule

New Date for State Tournament

Posted: 11/20/16

Due to circumstances beyond our control the PA State Tournament will be held on Saturday, April 29th instead of the originally scheduled date of April 22nd.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

State Event Supervisors Wanted

Please visit the new State Event Supervisors page on this website to see where we still need volunteers

If you are volunteering as an event supervisor at a regional tournament or have a question about a specific event, contact the appropriate state event supervisor listed on the new State Event Supervisors page.

Invasive Species List for Pennsylvania

The following is a list of the Invasive Species that will be used in the Invasive Species event for the 2017 Pennsylvania State Tournament. 


PASO Coaches Clinic - Saturday, 10/29/2016

The PASO coaches clinic will be held on Saturday, October 29, in State College, PA.

The clinic covers all 46 events for divisions B and C. We have several national event supervisors presenting including Audrey Carson (hovercraft), Russ Burleson (wind power), Roger Demos (optics), and Brother Nigel Pratt (scrambler and electric vehicle).

All other presentations will be made by the new PA state event supervisors, pending their commitment.

Clinic Location: Mount Nittany Middle School
656 Brandywine Drive
State College, PA 16801

The clinic begins at 7:30 AM with a continental breakfast. A general session will be held at 8:00AM for all coaches. Parallel sessions will run from 9:00AM and conclude at 5:00PM.

Registration is $80 and includes continental breakfast, lunch, T‐shirt, and access to all sessions. Presenters receive a reduced registration fee of $60. We will have many giveaways and will have vendors selling Science Olympiad materials.

Space is limited to the first 300 persons who register, so register early.

To guarantee receiving give aways, register before Friday, September 30, 2016.

You may register online at

A paper registration may be downloaded at

Please mail registration forms and checks made payable to “PA Science Olympiad” to:

PA Science Olympiad
Cabrini University
610 King of Prussia Road
Radnor, PA 19087

We have a block of hotel rooms reserved at the Ramada Conference and Golf Hotel in State College at a rate of $79 for up to 4 persons in a room.

If you want to stay overnight on Friday, 10/28 and/or Saturday, 10/29, please call 814.238.3001 to reserve your room.

Mention the PA Science Olympiad block when making your reservation.

Please direct questions about the event to Dave Moyer at or 610.751.1500.

Call for State Event Supervisors

The Pennsylvania Science Olympiad board would like to move to a new model for event supervision since finding event supervisors has been difficult. Our plan is to establish state event supervisors who will perform the duties listed below.

Event Supervisors must:

1. Thoroughly understand the rules for your event and communicate with the national event supervisor as needed to resolve questions.

2. Serve as a resource person for persons serving as an event supervisor for your event at regional tournaments in Pennsylvania.

3. Insure that event rules are consistently understood and applied at competitions in PA by communicating with other event supervisors prior to each tournament.

4. Assist with presentation of your event at the PA coaching clinic. As a presenter you will be eligible for a reduced clinic fee.

5. Write the test (if applicable) for your event to be used at all regional tournaments. This should be submitted to the state director by February 15. The state director will forward the tests to the regional directors by February 22.

If your event has a lab, please contact regional directors to try to coordinate uniform lab experiences for all regional tournaments (as much as possible). We are looking for consistency in difficulty for the event, not necessarily identical labs.

6. Write the test (if applicable) and run your event at the PA state tournament (or find a knowledgeable replacement to run it if you are unable). The test for the state tournament must be different from the test for the regional tournaments.

This test should be submitted to the state tournament director by April 1. We believe this will lead to more consistent regional tournaments since the same test will be used at all of them.

It will also facilitate finding event supervisors at regionals since they will not have to make a test but will have to grade it with the key that is provided.

This will also facilitate consistency at the state tournament since the state event supervisor will run his/her event at this tournament. This is not much more than you are doing now since you probably run an event at your regional.

To assist you in doing the above, we will send you the draft rules for your event and the PowerPoint presentation and other information (if applicable) for your event from the summer institute when available.

The PA Coaches Clinic is set for October 29th at Nittany Middle School in State College, Pennsylvania. If you are interested in serving as a state event supervisor for the coming year, please contact Roger Demos, Chris Sikich, or Dave Moyer (Dave is keeping the list).

We still need volunteers for Div. C: anatomy, ecology, exp. design, helicopters, hydrogeology, material science, remote sensing, robot arm, and rocks and minerals.

We also need volunteers for Div. B: bottle rocket, crime busters, dynamic planet, ecology, exp. design, fast facts, food science, hovercraft, invasive species, meteorology, microbe mission, optics, rocks and minerals, scrambler, reach for the stars, and wind power.

Roger -

Chris -

Dave -